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Can I get Omniscience on Windows/Linux/Android/PS5?

At the moment Omniscience is only available for Mac. There are currently no plans to release on other platforms.

My notifications aren't working

If notifications are not working ensure that the notification permission has been enabled for Omniscience. You can do this by going into your System Settings -> Notifications -> Find Omniscience -> Ensure permission is granted and the style is set to Banners or Alerts.

I can't see my organization repositories

You may need to authorize your Personal Access Token with your organization. You can do this by going to GitHub -> Settings -> Developer Settings -> Personal Access Tokens -> Authorize Omniscience token with Organization.

Does Omniscience support GitHub Enterprise (with a custom domain)?

Unfortunately Omniscience does not currently support GitHub Enterprise with custom domains. If this is a feature you'd like to see let me know at!

I'm getting auto-update errors

Some VPNs may block access to Omniscience's auto-update server. Either unblock the domain or try downloading via the Mac App store.

Do you store my data?

All data is only stored locally on your device. To fetch data from GitHub, Omniscience communicates with the official GitHub API over HTTPS with your Personal Access Token. For more information see our Privacy Policy or reach out directly at

Can I access the beta?

Yep! You can join the TestFlight beta by clicking here!

Something Else

If you're having issues with Omniscience that aren't answered here, then get in contact at